Press Release 26/05/2016: Inquisition - Beyond the Celestial Zenith NZ TOUR 2016

Legendary Black Metal horde INQUISITION Official will return to New Zealand for a long awaited headlining tour this August, to spread their blackened, cosmic chaos across the nation.

Inquisition formed nearly three decades ago and morphed from a thrash band into one of the most hellish raw black metal bands this planet has ever produced.

Featuring Dagon on vocals and guitar and Incubus on drums, the cacophony of noise generated by the bands two members has roots in two musical camps. Early era thrash and primal black metal collide to produce one of the most recognised signature sounds of any band in their genre.

Dark and ominous passages explode into chaos filled whirlwinds of blast beats and buzz saw riffing, enveloping the listener in a suffocating reminder of what the true spirit of black metal really is.

Inquisition draw their power from the darkest roots of human existence. The forces of cosmology, paganism, ancient cultures and Satanism have combined to build their maleficent basilica of sound.

Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith is the epic title of Inquisition’s forthcoming brand new album due for release on August 26 via Season Of Mist, so New Zealand fans will be among the first in the world to experience songs from the new opus live!

Wednesday 17th of August
The Kings Arms Tavern
7:30pm Doors
Show Tickets
$55 + bf
Buy now: HERE

Deluxe Ticket Packs: $85 + bf
Show ticket, t-shirt, patch, and tour poster
Options: HERE

Press Release 14/07/2015: Death Dealer - Death Down Under Tour 2015 CANCELLED!

We are sorry to advise that the Death Dealer - Death Down Under Tour for New Zealand and Australia has been cancelled.

More details on our facebook page

Press Release 22/02/2015: The Black Dahlia Murder - The New Zealand Exhumation

Chaos NZ and Valhalla are proud to present:

The Black Dahlia Murder - The New Zealand Exhumation

Tickets and Supports information coming soon

Wellington – June 23rd – Valhalla
Auckland – June 24th – Kings Arms

Ritual (pron. rich-oo--uhl): An established or prescribed procedure, rite, ceremony, proceeding or service...Any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner...A prescribed code of behavior. The Black Dahlia Murder does not exactly seem like a band that's easily ritualized. The face-melting Detroit quintet has made a career out of being unpredictable -- as well as unhinged, unclassifiable and unrepentant, all in the best possible ways. But with RITUAL, its fifth full-length album, the extreme metal troupe found fertile territory in the wide world of those prescribed practices that would seem verboten to a band that's always marched to the double-time beat of its own drummer. And in doing so it's come up with what frontman Trevor Strnad considers "the most focused Black Dahlia Murder strike of all time." "The whole thread of the songs is more tied together than ever before," explains Strnad. "Part of it was kind of like, 'What can we do that's the most Black Dahlia Murder thing? What's going to be the most quintessential Black Dahlia Murder thing we can do?' That's kind of what we set our foothold in. And RITUAL, it just lends itself to that -- it's mysticism and magic and all of that. Everyone has an association with some kind of ritual, so we just thought it was the next logical step." Following up 2009's acclaimed DEFLORATE, which brought The Black Dahlia Murder the highest Billboard chart positions of its 10-year career, RITUAL revels in both conceptual ambition and equally striking musical growth from a band that's pushed itself into more extreme and challenging territory on each successive release. Recalling the writing process that led to RITUAL's eventual 12 songs, Strnad says that "every song that got brought forth was exciting and more three-dimensional, more twists and turns, more surprises. There's more ups and downs and taking people on a journey this time." Co-founder Brian Eschbach, meanwhile, credits the presence of fellow guitarist Ryan Knight, who joined the band for DEFLORATE, with helping to move things forward on this particular venture. "It's been more collaborative than it's been in years," Eschbach notes. "The last two albums (DEFLORATE and 2007's NOCTURNAL) I wrote most of the music, and this one it's almost a 50-50 effort between me and (Knight). He lifted what we were doing on the last album so much from what we've done before, his different techniques and stylings that he knows how to wield. It's really exciting for us to have that be part of the band now." Strnad adds that Knight "is an educated musician, and he's brought that kind of aspect into the band, too. We came to him having higher expectations, and he's exceeded all of those."
This fresh input gave The Black Dahlia Murder room to broaden its soundscape and push the parameters of its dynamic attack. But no one need worry; its stock in trade is still the blistering fury of tracks such as "Moonlight Equilibrium," "The Window" and "The Raven," but there are new elements that only add to the drama and depth of the individual songs. Strings -- yes, strings -- open the album on a deceptively soothing note before The Black Dahlia Murder unleashes the blastbeat ferocity of "A Shrine to Madness." A bit of piano lends texture to "Carbonized in Cruciform," while "Conspiring with the Damned" has a druid-like ambience fit for the "The Lord of the Rings" films -- or the more explicit "Game of Thrones." But it's the album-closing "Blood in the Ink" that really stretches The Black Dahlia Murder we know and love in its most daring direction yet, though without losing its trademark ferocity or velocity. "That's something Brian's always wanted to do," Strnad notes. "He's always appreciated classical music and the marriage of classic and metal when they come together. For him to be able to do anything he wants like that, I think it's gonna resonate with people." Eschbach hopes he's right. "A couple of these songs feel like stuff we've always wanted to do but just hadn't done to this point. It's going to be fun and interesting to hear what a Black Dahlia Murder fan has to say about it -- even if everyone hates it!" Eschbach can say that with a laugh; he knows that The Black Dahlia Murder's fans have been among the most loyal on the planet, a corps that's grown since the group released its first demo, WHAT A HORRIBLE NIGHT TO CURSE in 2001 and built a following with hard touring and key bookings before signing with Metal Blade and bowing with the unholy power of 2003's UNHALLOWED. The Black Dahlia Murder has been a constant on the road, touring with the likes of Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Skeletonwitch, The Red Chord, Goatwhore, 3 Inches of Blood and many more, playing key festivals and logging time on the Summer Slaughter Tour -- which the group will headline this year in support of RITUAL. The Black Dahlia Murder has crammed quite a bit into its 10 years together -- five albums, three EPs and a DVD (2009's MAJESTY) -- and the group members themselves seem a bit surprised by what they've wrought. "Yeah, initially we thought we were going to get together on Sundays and try to put a song together every week," Eschbach recalls. "We never dreamed of being able to live off the band." But Strnad says it didn't take long to sense that they could. "We had the vision that we wanted to take the band to more people, that we wanted to have something bigger than just playing at the crappy ass local bar," he explains. "Being a metal band, I think, is being an underdog. To play music you know is not digestible on purpose, to preach to a certain kind of depraved person...It's a lofty goal to have anyone want to hear what we have to say. We've been really, really lucky, but at the same time we're always looking to the future and trying to do what we do better and better. "And I would say this time, with RITUAL, we really nailed it even harder than we have before."

RITUAL streets in Europe June 17th/20th 2011

The Black Dahlia Murder is:
Trevor Strnad - Vocals
Brian Eschbach - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Knight - Guitar
Max Lavelle - Bass Guitar
Alan Cassidy - Drums

Press Release 08/02/2015: Goatwhore - Constricting Rage of the Merciless NZ Tour

Chaos NZ and Valhalla Proudly present:

Goatwhore New Zealand Tour 2015

Auckland Kings Arms Sunday 22nd March
Support from Dawn Of Azazel, Winter Deluge and Extinction Campaign.

Wellington Valhalla March 24th
Support from Bulletbelt and Bonecruncher

Goatwhore were last on New Zealand soil supporting in 2012, immediately winning over audiences with their unique brand of extreme metal. The band returns in support of their critically acclaimed new album,Constricting Rage of the Merciless' Out July 8, 2014 on Metal Blade Records

It's been sixteen years since Goatwhore reared its menacing head from the swamplands of New Orleans, Louisiana - a city rife with urban tales of voodoo curses, witchcraft and hauntings by souls of the damned. Spawned by former Acid Bath/Crowbar guitarist Sammy Duet in 1997, their winding legacy follows a dramatic, at times traumatic, sequence of personnel changes, fatal injuries, paranormal activity, natural disasters, and a collection of other misadventures large and small. They say what doesn't kill you.... whether driven by an unwavering commitment to their craft, pure insanity, the divine powers of Satan or perhaps a combination of the three, Goatwhore forever perseveres, inadvertently establishing themselves as one the hardest working, consistently punishing live bands of the 21st century and a true institution of heavy music..

Inspired by the old guard of Celtic Frost, Slayer and Kreator but with a modern and vicious twist, Goatwhore are one of the most talked about bands in metal today. Featuring members from Acid Bath, Crowbar, Nachtmystium and Soilent Green, Goatwhore have risen to become legends in their own right. Join us for a night of Thrash, desecration, blasphemy and all the rituals of extreme metal with Goatwhore and our own warriors of the underground 66 fucking 6!!!!!!

Tickets available now :
$30 + $2 booking fee.
Auckland Tickets
Wellington Tickets

Press Release 16/10/2014: MARDUK - Frontschwein 2015 - Live in NZ

CHAOS NZ Proudly brings you


January 20th will see darkness once again conquer the bright days of a New Zealand summer. Marduk return after 3 years in devastating form, fresh from the studio after recording their latest release entitled "Frontschwein" to once again desecrate our shores. Once again they will leave Kings Arms desolate, bleak and destroyed.

Since coming into being in 1990, Sweden’s Marduk have unleashed 12 albums of scathing extremity and the utmost brutality. Regarded as one of the pioneers of black metal, their barbaric, unhinged and unrelenting live assault must be witnessed, if not survived. And with album number 13 about to be released, New Zealand will once again be in the firing line to receive an unadulterated blast of caustic black metal.

Black horde descend once again Kings Arms 20th January 2015.

Supporting black hordes of chaos are :

After 6 years in the abyss, NZBM veterans Skuldom return to ensure your demise with their first show in Auckland.

Hailing from Wellington maniacs Pervertor bring their raw black thrashing mayhem to the ritual.

Tickets on sale now $59 + $5 Transaction fee
At the following link :- Marduk Tickets

Press Release 24/05/2014: GORGUTS - LIVE IN NZ

CHAOS NZ Proudly brings you


Tickets on sale NOW at the following link :- Gorguts Tickets

GORGUTS, long-running Canadian craftsmen of technical death metal have returned! After more than a decade of silence, mastermind Luc Lemay unleashes “Colored Sands”, a new brand of pestilent fury featuring an all star line-up including John Longstreath (ORIGIN, SKINLESS), Colin Marston (BEHOLD THE ARCTOPUS) and Kevin Hufnagel (DYSRHYTHMIA).

Few extreme bands have the pedigree of GORGUTS. During their early days as part of death metal’s first wave, they created a legacy of legendary releases including their debut album “Considered Dead” (1991) and its follow-up “Erosion of Sanity” (1993). The latter witnessed the Canadians becoming more experimental and technical. After a hiatus of five years, Luc Lemay returned with a new line-up, which released the acclaimed third full-length “Obscura” (1998).

By then GORGUTS had fully transformed into one of the most progressive and influential bands in extreme music, which remained impervious to trends, while expanding and redefining the language of death metal. With a new line-up that left Lemay as the sole original member, another milestone album was released. On “From Wisdom to Hate” (2001) the Quebecois successfully merged the brutal and more direct approach of their earlier albums with the complex arrangements of “Obscura”.

Just as GORGUTS seemed on the verge of making the first decade of the new century their own, the band was hit by business and personal issues and went on hiatus.

Their musical legacy continued to inspire and thrive as their native Quebec became a focus for technical death metal with acts such as CRYPTOPSY, NEURAXIS and BEYOND CREATION to name but a few following in their footsteps. Now the masters are back to deliver the stunning masterpiece the metal world has been awaiting so long. Brace hard or get swept away by the mind blowing storm of “Colored Sands”!

With support from the all round NZ Metal heavy weight line up :

13th of November 2014
Kings arms Tavern

Press Release 12/05/2014: Exordium Mors - 'The Apotheosis Of Death' debut album release

"Riding forth on wings of death
Vengeance consumes my very breath
Iconoclast of weakness
Unto the Lightning Swords of Conquest..."

Prostrate and submit yourselves to 'The Apotheosis of Death' July 5th at King's Arms, Auckland New Zealand.

The debut full-length will be available on the night on CD. A new t-shirt design based on the album will also be available as well as regular merch from the support bands. Full pricing TBA.

Further abominations from Hades to spit vile curses are as follows:

Anno Domini Mortus



Do not miss this opportunity to witness 'The Apotheosis of Death' in it's entirety (spread across 2 barbaric sets) as we are unlikely to play the album in full again.
"Be forewarned for when you see Exordium Mors? Abandon all fucking hope!"

$10 Entry
$15 Entry + Download Code
$20 Entry + CD
T-shirts will be available at the show for $20.


ICED EARTH Online Pre-sales end at 4pm 18/03/14

Doors open at 7pm and Stormforge will be on by 7:40pm! Door sales will be available! BE THERE!

Press Release 12/03/2014: A Night of Devastating Death Metal

Odor mortis in mortem

Commando Chaos returns heralded by the stench of death – a reminder of the waste and destruction that these proprietors of depravity leave upon the landscape they dominate with carnage, ruthlessness and reckless disregard for the human condition.

On this night when the sun goes down the carnage begins. You either join them at the frontline or spend an eternity writhing in the mud under the foot of their domination. Join or die.

Proving grounds in the pit of Kings Arms. Blood is your uniform and death is your only friend. Commando Chaos leads the charge at 8pm.

Chaos Legions:

Inside Arkham
Having already set the tone recently at Kings Arms there should be no surprises when what remains of your existence is stomped out. Destruction is precise and merciless. You were warned the tone was set already there will be no mercy given, no quarter received and none shall be asked.

The swathe will be bloody, swift and precise. After being absent for a time, the Carnal machine is replenished. A spectacle to behold with new material and a new desire to lay waste to the pit! A devastating and brutal force – do not think for a minute you will survive this onslaught ....................

Fvkking reckless grind. Featuring members of Exordium Mors and Nullifier being reckless as fvkk. Before you know what’s happened it will be over and you will be fvkked. Reckless as fvkk 666!!!!!!!!!!!

To ensure the devastation is final more legion’s will added.

Report to Commando Chaos 9pm March 22 Kings Arms to join the fray! The meek shall not inherit the earth rather, the depraved shall inherit the wasteland.

Saturday 22nd March
$10 at the door

Press Release 21/10/2013: ICED EARTH - ‘WORLDWIDE PLAGUES’ TOUR - NEW ZEALAND 2014



For the very first time in New Zealand, ICED EARTH infiltrate our shores with a blazing live onslaught!

Formed in 1985 by Jon Schaffer, ICED EARTH have released ten studio albums, cementing the band’s reputation for being one of the leading forces of Heavy Metal that withstands all trends and attempts to change by delivering the goods each and every time. The centre-piece of all this being Schaffer’s trademark rhythm guitar style and powerful, in your face lyrics that often combine themes of self reliance, a healthy distrust of authority, history, & science fiction.

With their 2011 full length release "Dystopia", ICED EARTH introduced their new singer Stu Block and have embarked on more touring in support of this album than the band had seen in the previous ten years, combined. They released a DVD filmed at an ancient Amphitheatre in Cyprus, entitled "Live In Ancient Kourion" in 2012 and have now already begun their "Worldwide Plagues"-Tour in support of their new album "Plagues of Babylon" which will hit the shelves in January 2014.

ICED EARTH with guests STORMFORGE performing at The Studio - Auckland

TICKETS ON SALE FROM THURSDAY OCTOBER 31st at 7pm Physical tickets from Real Groovy Records Auckland will be available from the 14th of November.

$79 + $5 transaction fee HERE
$85 + booking fee at Real Groovy

Press Release 18/07/2013: BEHEMOTH - The Satanist Tour NZ show

Pre Sales end at 4pm 28/10/13

Pre sales will end at 4pm - Monday the 28th of October so get your tickets before hand! Door sales will be available the following day too.


We are pleased to announce the 5 winners of the BEHEMOTH meet and greet prize pack!

Brendon Kenneth Lusby
Natalia Kolyadina
Jared Reynolds
Juanita Christine Tempelman
Clinton Grey

We will be in contact with you soon via the email address you have provided with all further information about the meet and greet! Congratulations! \m/.

For all others just over a week to go before BEHEMOTH! destroy the stage in NZ! Tickets are selling fast! Get in on it!


Due to popular demand and the sheer size of Behemoths stage spectacle we are excited to announce that the satanic majesty that is Behemoth will be unleashed upon you all at The Studio.

All tickets purchased so far for the show when it was at the Kings Arms will still be valid at The Studio. For those under the age of 18 and are attending with a parent or legal guardian please contact the "The Studio" directly at
It will still be the same as it was with the Kings arms though initial contact from the parent / guardian with the venue is required.

Chaos NZ and Soundworks Touring proudly brings you :

The Polish Black / Death metal majesty that is BEHEMOTH!

Is there anything left to say about BEHEMOTH? If you are honest to yourself, not really - but let’s give it a shot. Polish blackened death metallers have achieved what only a few bands in that genre will ever be able to reach for. After years of relentless touring and releasing even stronger music with each output, all the hard work has paid off & very few, if any, lay ahead of them.

With each tour in Australasia since 2006 growing in stature and anticipation, this 2013 tour will surely be the one to top them all as BEHEMOTH, punish us with their formidable and incredible live performances and vitriolically spew forth their hellacious hymns the way they should be. This band is UNSTOPPABLE!!

With local support from Black Thrash desecrators Exordium Mors, Death Thrash heavy weights Nullifier and NZ Heathen Blackmetal onslaught Winter Deluge this will be a show not to be missed!

$79 + $5 transaction fee HERE
$85 + booking fee at Real Groovy

Press Release 04/09/2013: New Zealand Metal Devastation

Chaos NZ Promotions present an offering of Black, Thrash, Death Metal and Grindcore with 2 nights of madness and perversion!!!

Featuring some of the best acts from the New Zealand Metal Underground. These shows are sure to kick off the post-Winter gig season.

We have more shows being planned so keep your eyes pealed. Expect nothing less than total CHAOS.


Press Release 21/03/2013: Putrid Pile - The Winchester 18/04/2013

From the gore chambers of torment and torture in Wisconsin USA

Chaos NZ proudly brings you the GRINDING BRUTALITY that is PUTRID PILE here to lay waste to the masses within the shores of New Zealand for the very first time!

Reigning for over 13 years, 4 full length albums and a full live DVD, Putrid Pile are here promoting his newest album entitled "Blood Fetish" released by Sevared Records last year. This will prove to be one of the sickest, unique and demented shows to grace our shores!

With support from NZ's most brutal death and grind forces :-

Horrendous Disfigurement (Napier)

Carnal (Auckland)

Farming the Population (Wellington)

Bloofvkk (Auckland)

Get your tickets now HERE!

$25 + transaction fee.

Press Release 06/03/2013: HELLSTORM OF FIRE AND CHAOS 2013 (Whammy Bar / Wine Cellar)


SATURDAY 30/03/2013


Commander Chaos returns with 666 on his back, fires of hellstorm at his feet and bad fucking attitude. The tone was set in the dead of winter 2010 and now he has returned with the vehemence of hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

You set the groundwork legions. Now is the time to strike a body blow to the enemies of metal, to spit fire in the faces of the self righteous and stand for what know you is true. Satan was thrown the fuck out of hell by Commander Chaos to make way the return in a warmer climate.

Report to the front lines and stand tall with your comrades in the HELLSTORM OF FIRE AND CHAOS!!!!

Featuring :-

BLOODFVKK - Grinding enemies into putrid filth. The grind is reckless and the horror is real.

CARNAL - Brutal , Death and Metal. Relentless and punishing. The body count will be high as expected. Tread carefully Carnal will punish any weakness.

DYING OF THE LIGHT - Big fucking heavy ass kickery. Heavy industrial. Dying of the light is the propaganda war machine.

FILTHY LUCIFER - D beat Black Metal crossover madness with enough energy to turn you into a wrecking ball! Filthy Lucifer will fuck you up!

FORSAKEN AGE - Heavy Fucking Metal. Keeping the tradition of the warriors of the past alive. Forsaken Age remind us why we are here.

MALEVOLENCE - Smiling grinding assassins. Brutal and unforgiving. Malevolence know the deal and they will bring the violence.

NULLIFIER - Thrash Attack and tough as fuck. Nullifier leave nothing but bodies in the not let it be yours!

ORGIASTIC REBIRTH - Up and coming Death maniacs with vomits from hell and riffs heavy enough to break bones!

WINTER DELUGE - Black Metal warriors. Painted in the colours of the pagan warriors of the past. The only way hell freezes over!




Only days to go before MARDUK bring their unrelenting assault of the senses to New Zealand!

Buy your tickets before 7:06pm, Sunday 13-01-13 and go in the draw to win a prize pack which contains the following merch from the opening acts on the night :-

Exordium Mors - Sacrifice Perish and Demise (CD)
Anno Domini Mortus - Reprobo ut Abyssus (CD)
Anno Domini Mortus - Anno Domini Mortus (Tape)
Winter Deluge - As the Earth Fades into Obscurity (CD)

The winner will be drawn after the last local act plays at the show before Marduk.

We will be running a "roulette" order of bands for this show with the opening acts. The order of bands will be randomly drawn on the night so turn up early if you want to catch your favourite local act!

Doors Open at 7:30pm and the first band will be on at 8pm sharp.

Press Release 04/10/12 Marduk - The Serpent Sermon tour NZ Division (Kings Arms Auckland)

Chaos NZ Proudly presents :

Marduk are without doubt world leaders in the art of Black Metal. Uncompromising. Unrelenting. Unstoppable. On their current world crusade spreading the word of their latest opus of darkness “Serpent Sermon” (out now on Century Media records). This will be their first assault on New Zealand soil.

Forming in Sweden in 1990 with the sole purpose of becoming the most brutal and blasphemous metal act ever, Marduk wasted no time in usurping the throne of the infamous Scandinavian Black Metal scene – and have reigned over it with an iron fist ever since. With most of their back catalogue of material considered 'essential' material, Marduk are truly cult legends. Having toured the globe relentlessly throughout their career, with a 'take no prisoners' ethos. Their live show is as subtle as a Panzer Tank and unrelenting in its assault to the senses; unhinged blackened chaotic fury with razor wire precision and an unearthy aura only begins to describe the event...

2012 sees Marduk release their 12th studio album; the highly acclaimed 'Serpent Sermon'. Marduk continue the march towards World domination with their current World tour, New Zealand being in their cross-hairs.

Supporting Marduk the following legions have gathered to stoke the flame of heavens demise :

Exordium Mors - A blistering, merciless and relentless onslaught of furious, thrashing riffs, pulverizing drums and frenzied, vicious vocals.

Winter Deluge - Winter Deluge represents Nature's Revenge on the ignorant and disgraceful critters who don't deserve to inhabit this realm.

Anno Domini Mortus - Wretched corpses, laden with torment, agony, contempt, the constant search for darkness, the beyond and the mysteries therein.

Kings Arms Tavern - Auckland
Tickets will be available here from the 18th of October.

Tickets will be $49 + transaction fee.

Press Release 1/10/12 Liquefaction Necrosis of the Holy - Death Grind Massacre at The Thirsty Dog

Liquefaction Necrosis of the Holy

Death Grind Massacre at the Thirsty Dog!

MALEVOLENCE: Death/Grind from way back. A piece of NZ metal history, if you haven't heard of these guys where have you been! Recently gone back to a 3 piece lineup and are more brutal than ever.

EOLITHIC RELAPSE: Grind from North of the bridge, that's right, all the way from Whangarei. Intense drumming and riffage that will blow your mind. Not to be missed. This will be their very first show in Auckland!

INSIDE ARKHAM: Quote unquote Myspace/ "degenerates who wanted to play heavy groove based metal" "a large quotient of of thrash, grind core and driving grooves, and brutal death meatl savagery"

BLOODFVKK: The debut of Bloodfvkk. Inspired by old school Grindcore trying to stay true to the form. A frenzied attack of short fast and hard grind tracks. "Reckless" grind and they're coming for you.

$5 at the door.

Doors open at 8pm

**NOTE: Not for the weak of heart

Press Release 24/08/12 EXORDIUM MORS - "Sacrifice Perish and Demise" EP release live destruction

Chaos NZ Promotions proudly presents:

Exordium Mors - "Sacrifice Perish and Demise" EP release! 12 of October 2012

Exordium Mors are set to sacrifice their latest offering to the Apotheosis of Death ’Sacrifice, Perish and Demise’ EP to be evoked by Hell’s Vomit Productions (

This latest offering will be carbonised before your very eyes at the Kings Arms, Auckland on October 12th with our fellow Promethean Flame Wielders:

Nullifier - Devastating Death Thrash

Winter Deluge - Atmospheric and Vicious Black metal

Carnal - Relentless Brutal Death Metal

Stormforge - Triumphant Power Metal

More merch will be available at the show and online soon via More details for this to come! For wholesale purchases please contact

Do thou wield the flames of desecration or will thou perish in the ashes of their defeat? Stake your claim before the Apotheosis of Death and be judged in the inferno of damnation this October.

This isn’t music, this isn’t art.THIS IS A FVKKING SACRIFICE.

Press Release 23/07/12 NIGHTWISH LIVE IN NZ - 8th of January 2013

CHAOS NZ Promotions proudly presents:


Buy your tickets here!

Playing live in New Zealand for the first time in January 2013, bringing their dramatic and symphonic sound.

Equal parts epic metal and gothic symphony, in the modern gothic genre NIGHTWISH stand alone.

Their combination of seductive, emotional vocals and gallant guitar melodies are like a dark embrace you never want to be freed from.

Gracing our shores for the first time, NIGHTWISH will be performing tracks from their latest record IMAGINAERUM, out now.

IMAGINAERUM is an audio visual testament of what Nightwish have always been about.

After their last album - Dark Passion Play - they knew they wanted to do something so big, detailed and innovative that it would leave the people experiencing it completely awestruck.

So instead of a concept album, the band set the album to a film to accompany the album. Enter the dream emporium ...Imaginaerum.

With Support from :-
Damnations Day (Aus)
Naquadah (NZ)
Forsaken Age (NZ)
Stormforge (NZ)

Tuesday January 8th. The Studio Auckland. R18 event.

Click here to buy tickets!

Press Release 07/07/12: NULLIFIER - SILENT DESTRUCTION EP release!

Chaos NZ Promotions presents:

Nullifier's long awaiting EP "Silent Destruction" release show!!

NULLIFIER - Thrash Metal / Death Metal demons, MALEVOLENCE - One of New Zealand’s longest standing purveyors of Metal and Grind, CARNAL - Brutal Tech Death and STORMFORGE - This will be the debut of Stormforge.

$10 door sales. Bands start at 9pm. At long last Nullifier will have some merch available in the form of tees.


The first 50 who have purchased tickets online for both Auckland and Wellington shows will have an email sent to them tonight with the information about where these meet and greets will happen! Make sure to check your email tomorrow morning!

Also the winners of the Goatwhore / Impiety prize packs have been drawn by Shyaithan Kommand!

Here are the winners!
Wellington: Lucas Smith
Auckland: Emma Proudley

You can claim your prize at the merch desk! 666


Chaos Promotions/Headless Horsemen are proud to present.

UNDERGROUND LEGIONS - New Zealand Tour July 2012

Bulletbelt, (Wellington),
Exordium Mors (Auckland)

Tickets available HERE

Welington Wednesday July 11th - Bodega, 101 Ghuznee Street
Auckland Thursday July 12th - Kings Arms, 59 France Street South, Newton

This July the 'Underground Legions' tour hits New Zealand for 2 shows only! Featuring old school metal warriors Goatwhore on their first headlining shows in New Zealand with the mighty Impiety - Singapore's black/death metal legends.

Wellingtons Black Metal horde Bulletbelt and Aucklands fearsome black/thrash Exordium Mors will open the show in each city. This is a tour package that metal audiences can't afford to miss!

Goatwhore were last on New Zealand soil supporting Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy in 2010, immediately winning over audiences with their unique brand of extreme metal. The band returns in support of their critically acclaimed new album, Blood For The Master released in Feb 2012 via Metal Blade/Riot.

Inspired by the old guard of Celtic Frost, Slayer and Kreator but with a modern and vicious twist, Goatwhore are one of the most talked about bands in metal today. Featuring members from Acid Bath, Crowbar, Nachtmystium and Soilent Green, Goatwhore have risen to become legends in their own right.

IMPIETY have been spewing forth unholy hymns for over 20 years. They are highly regarded in the extreme metal underground and are one of the only Asian metal bands to have a large and dedicated worldwide following This will be the first time they have toured New Zealand and the band will be blasting new material from their new record Ravage and Conquer.

- making this an event not to be missed.

Rounding out the package are :-


Bulletbelt are a 5-piece New Zealand Black Metal horde ruled by battery, distortion, depth and incantations. Forged in 2009 they have recorded two EPs, performed numerous times in their local Wellington region, and completed their first NZ tour in February 2012. April 2012 sees them enter STL Audio in Wellington to begin recording their third release of destruction and woe. Using the blunt instrument of live performances, May and July 2012 will continue the tradition of punishing mistreatment that audiences throughout NZ have begun to expect from Bulletbelt.

Exordium Mors:

Since 2004 a firestorm of black/thrash has ravaged the landscape. Since then Exordium Mors has grown to an unyielding force. The Barbaric vicious vocals with pulverising, thrashing riffs will decimate and destroy the souls of all that listen to it. 2011 saw Exordium Mors decimate Thailand at the Siamese True Metal Festival. Earlier this year they joined the stage with ABSU and now we await the highly anticipated release of their 3rd EP "Sacrifice, Perish and Demise" the most apt way of describing this band.

Press Release 03/02/12: INQUISITION - Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 06/06/2012

Internecion Prod/Chaos Promotions Presents....

INQUISITION - Originating in Columbia in 1988 and originally a Thrash Metal act. Since their 1998 Opus "Into the Infernal Legions of the Ancient Cult" INQUISITION has been at the forefront of US Black Metal and is one of the... most respected and significant bands in Black Metal today. With a total of 5 critically acclaimed full lengths and a fanatical following spanning across the globe, their latest album "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm" has further cemented their legacy.

INQUISITION'S signature sound is best described as an amalgamation of ritualistic, contemplative and majestic riffing, folkish lead melodies combined with pummelling and chaotic Black Metal.

This event will see their first appearance in New Zealand after touring the world with a reputation as one of the most enthralling and captivating live acts in Metal today.

VASSAFOR - A suffocating black abyss forged in 1994 in the deepest pits of New Zealand. VASSAFOR evoke utter dread and destruction through their mastery of Black, Death and Doom Metal and their live rituals have held VASSAFOR as the imperators of the Black flame in New Zealand.

ANNO DOMINI MORTUS - Translating to "In The Year of the Lord's Death" ANNO DOMINI MORTUS evoke unhinged, caustic and dispiriting Black Metal with an oppressive and irreverent atmosphere.

WINTER DELUGE - WINTER DELUGE combine the cold atmosphere of traditional European Black Metal with blistering speed and ferocious riffing.

Tickets are available HERE.

Press Release 10/11/11: ABSU - Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland - 18/01/2012

Finally witness the Cythraul Klan on our shores!

Chaos NZ Promotions is proud to present:

The one and only New Zealand show of the masters of Occult/Black Metal ABSU! With support from Exordium Mors, Heresiarch and Nullifier.

January 18th 2012
Kings Arms Tavern
Tickets $60.00 (no booking fee) Pay with credit card or Paypal
Doors 8pm


ABSU - one of metal’s most cult and influential acts!!

Formed in 1991 in the depths of the bleak and arid Texan desert, Absu have immortalised themselves as one of the most important bands in the history of the Black and Underground metal movement; releasing 6 critically acclaimed albums and several Eps / 7”’s in their 20 year career. They are the godfathers of North American black and occult metal – fusing their black metal style with elements of thrash metal, death metal and traditional metal to create a truly original sound. Absu are set to release their 7th full length album entitled ‘Abzu’ on October 11th through Candlelight Records. .

Absu are surrounded by mystique and their cult like status has only been enhanced by the fact that live performances are a rarity and a very special event for both the band and audience. For those already fans of Absu this tour will feel long over due; for those whom are as yet uninitiated – get your tickets now and do not miss out!

Joining Them:

Exordium Mors - Destruction, power, blistering all describe Exordium Mors a powerful force set to wreak havoc on any
stage in any land! Fast paced,intense yet dynamic black death which bares the stench of Hell, Leather, Bullets, Spikes and Heavy Metal.

Heresiarch - Purveyors of crushing, militant onslaught of violence that we call Black/Death Metal. Heresiarch is not for the weak. Prepare for a genuine display of violence.

Nullifier - Thrash attack. Real thrash and now with a new guitarist the assault is complete. Nullifier take to the stage to cleanse the pit of posers.

Press Release 20/10/11: The Death and Damnation Tour

Tickets $10 here (Paypal or Credit Card):- (Auckland, Wellington).
Door sales available on the night $15

The Death and Damnation tour is a show case of trans Tasman metal. Rivalries are put aside as our two countries join forces and prepare for heavy metal war. These will be spectacular shows displays of Black, Symphonic, Thrash and some good old fashioned heavy metal. The tour features the Australian Lamort with their lashings of symphony and black metal. Following them from the great continent with an attack of melody and thrash is Damnations Day. Local reinforcements are in the form of Bulletbelt with their primal incantations of black metal. Rounding of the local support are the immoveable force of tradition and thrash Red Dawn (Wellington show only) and the heavy as fuck doom of Dying Of The Light (Auckland show only)

Press Release 21/03/11: Winter Chaos MMXI

Attention you pussies! You think you were tough last year? Commando Chaos says Fuck you! Tell Mummy to pack your lunch and try again! Winter Chaos returns and survival is no longer an option!

In Malice’s Wake (Aus) :
The Victorian Thrash Attack! Hailing from Melbourne In Malice’s Wake deliver relentless aggression, masterful song writing and an instantly recognisable sound. No one will be spared from the onslaught.

Odiusembowel (Aus):
Throw another body on the bar-bee mate! From the mouth’s of the beasts– they describe themselves as “Hideous maniac grind beasts yes, human... no.” Grinding madness and relentless horror from the killing grounds of Melbourne.

Exordium Mors :
Fast paced, intense yet dynamic black death which bares the stench of Hell, Leather, Bullets, Spikes and Heavy Metal. Exordium Mors will enforce this relentlessly upon the ones who dare resist.

Nullifier :
Giz a “G” Bro? Fuck that, we’ll give you some thrash. Nullifier will cleanse the pit of pussies and posers with their genuine thrash assault!

Forsaken Age :
The Forsaken Age of Heavy Metal is being revived. These warriors of a long forgotten era ride into battle on steeds of steel. Battles rage in the name of Heavy Metal. Pick up your sword and join the fight!!!!

Dying of the Light :
This description will self destruct in 10 seconds.... “Monolithic slabs of heavy as fuck ass-kickery” 10.... 9....... 8..... 7...... 6...... 5...... 4...... 3...... 2...... 1..................BOOM!

Winter Deluge :
Blackening the landscape and laying waste to the pretenders to the Throne of Satan! Warriors in black, blasting their way to the cult of infamy with blast beats and shredding!
Report for duty 1900 hours (that’s 7pm for all you dicks who failed maths). Galatos Main Room. Friday 3rd June 2011. Initial Assault and doors open at 7pm Sharp! $10 presales from or $15 door sales!

Commando Chaos says Be prepared to DIE!

Press Release 29/01/11: Bane of Isildur Black Wings Tour 2011

Chaos Promotions proudly presents:

Bane Of Isildur (Aus) & Order Of Orias (Aus)
With support from local heavy weights Exordium Mors

Our shores are to be invaded by the finest of Australian heavy metal. Bane of Isildur and Order Of Orias will decimate the stage! The drums of war are beating. Will you run like a pussy or join in the carnage. Exordium Mors fresh from triumph at Hellstorm Of Fire and Chaos as New Zealand’s only defence.

Prove your worth and report to the front lines. Details are below for what will be a bloody encounter!

Bane Of Isildur:
Hailing from the burning southern lands of Australia comes Bane of Isildur, furiously brandishing their own brand of Triumphant War Metal. Taking their name from the subject of so many glorious battles in J.R.R Tolkiens master piece, Bane of Isildur has moved from strength to strength with a sold out debut EP, a demo out in 2009 and full-length album due for release in 2010. Incredibly original, Bane of Isildur's performance remains technical and melodic while remaining full of a fury rarely seen in today's age of metal. During their short time as a band, Bane of Isildur have been riding a whirlwind of consistently successful live performances, including 2 international supports (Denial of God and Amon Amarth) and a handful of interstate tours. 2009 Saw Bane of Isildur gain endorsement from long standing Metal guitar constructors “Bc Rich®” and will be closing the year by performing at the very first Australian Metal Awards and along side Amon Amarth on their leg across the southern land. Bane of Isildur are blazing a furious and triumphant path and look forward to the comming battles.

Order Of Orias:
Order of Orias was spawned in late 2004 under the name "Eidölon". This first incarnation was short lived, chaotic and destined to die. In a more refined birthing, the band solidified with both a new devotion and a new name. And so the band was titled "Order of Orias", a name chosen to evoke the essence of metamorphosis and rebirth. Through our work we seek apotheosis for ourselves, as well as to promulgate the concepts essential to human evolution. Rebellion, opposition and illumination. Re-forged and with words as weapons, Order of Orias unleashed it's first experiment in blasphemy and enlightenment. The "Offering" demo CD. 2010 will see the band twist and evolve yet again with the "Birth" EP to be released in the second half of the year. The latter half of the year has also seen the begin the monumental process of recording their debut album. An as yet untitled release that promises to be far more dark, heavy and more intense than anything the band has thus far put forth.
Exordium Mors:
For the Uninitiated Acolyte:
Out of Kaos in the fire of 2004 came the bastard Titan Exordium Mors. Through many trials of blood and flame, this entity is now possesed of the souls of Black Mortum, Santi, Scourge, Matt and Hayden. 2006 saw the coming of the Serva Ad Mors EP cast by Stigmartyr Records and in 2010 Verus Hostis - A Hymn To Fire was execrated by Legion Of Death Records. Fast paced, intense yet dynamic black death which bares the stench of Hell, Leather, Bullets, Spikes and Heavy Metal is the plague spread by their conquest. Exordium Mors will enforce this relentlessly upon the ones who dare resist. This is only the beginning and there is no end in sight...


Press Release 14/01/11: Hellstorm of Fire and Chaos

The year is 2011 the date is the 14th of January the time 20:00. Prepare for Hellstorms of Fire and Chaos. Terror and Mayhem will rip through the city only the strong will survive. Be part of the strong and enter the fiery gates of the Kings Arms and prepare to worship at the altar of fire.

Chaos Promotions NZ Presents:

Hellstorms of Fire and Chaos 2011.

An annual local festival glorifying the brutal and savage that pillage our lands.
The Auditory onslaught begins early doors 8pm get there early and prove your worth in the pit of Fire and Chaos.

Burning Solitude: The rolling crush will leave you in no doubt that this is the end of days. The depression will run so deep if you don’t succumb to the fires you will destroy yourself from the inside.

Winter Deluge: The mayhem begins with a blackening of the landscape. Winter Deluge Black Metal of the finest order. They will ride high and true as they weed out the weak from the pit.

Nullifier: Thrashing and carving their way to the stage. Nullifier will stoke the fires to keep them blazing. They are a Hellstorm on their own. Survival is for the strong the weak will perish

Dissolution: They have recently levelled one city and left it shaking now it is our turn. Not only will their thrash leave you in no doubt you are fighting hell fires, but watch as the ground trembles before them once again

Exordium Mors: This assault will not relent they will not stop until all that is left is a memory of what used to be. This is a war of attrition and you WILL lose. Chaos reigns supreme.

Put your affairs in order and prepare. 14th January 2011. 20:00 Fires will burn savage early do not miss out. Kings Arms 59 France Street South. Newton. Auckland City.
Pre - Sale Tickets Available $10.00 No Booking Fee. Your men will perish and your woman will beg!

November 2010
Other News:
The Last Stand - Heavy Artillery

We bid a farewell to one of New Zealand’s finest heavy metal acts. For over 5 years they have been blasting out their brand of metal to eager audiences and on this night they did not disappoint. From start to finish the energy was high and they played to an appreciative crowd. One of the best displays we have seen in a long time. Their E.P. is available here (insert link). This E.P. is a must have for any self respecting metal fiend and will have you banging your head for 30 short minutes (until you hit play again). Vallum Incendium lit up the stage with the Sri Lankan excitement machine in fine voice. This was a true blue heavy metal show from a band who knows what traditional heavy metal is. The sad news is they are no longer pleasuring eager fans as the band has split (however whisperings in the wind suggest they will ride again). Twisted Metal once again did not disappoint with a fine selection of cuts from the world of classic metal. These guys are in the best form we have seen and are not to be missed in the future. Denni Elizabeth the ice queen of winter dawn made an impression on many and is leaving an indelible mark on the heavy metal landscape.

Heavy Metal Thunder

This is a new brand in the hallowed halls of chaos. The first show was a huge success a packed out Kings Arms screaming their favourite anthems. Special note to Foetus and Friends for a last minute confirmation. They tore it up. Spreading the Disease - it was awesome to see someone covering Anthrax to the letter. Look out for them in the future. A special mention has to be made to Manowhore and Twisted Metal who turned out to be a crowd pleaser. 101 Proof put on a show that had everyone drinking to the wee hours well done lads and lady.

Congratulations to Max Thrasher and Andrew Prime our prize pack winners from Heavy Metal Thunder!

Press Release 31/07/10: The Last Stand - Heavy Artillery

The Last Stand of Heavy Artillery

"On the Warpath" EP Release and Final Show with Guests, Twisted Metal, Vallum Incendium and Denni Elizabeth.

Heavy Artillery:

After leaving the heavy metal landscape of New Zealand ravaged by their continuous thrash attack since 2002, Heavy Artillery will rain down upon you a hailstorm of traditional heavy metal with dynamic riffs of melody and power.

Tonight we'll ride for vengeance, Tonight we will ride steadfast and true, Tonight we will ride for all of you!

Twisted Metal:

Replicating the heavy metal masters with a touch of flair and arrogance.

Vallum Incendium:

The Power and Glory ride. Vallum Incendium take the battle to the masses with their warrior hymns.

Denni Elizabeth:

Marshall law ensues as the Ice Queen takes the stage.

The Thirsty Dog - 469 K Rd, CBD, Auckland.

Saturday 18/09/10.

$10 at the door. Tickets will be available online in our events section soon.

July 2010
Upcoming Events

The Last Stand - Heavy Artillery :- September 18th - Thirsty Dog
Power / Thrash / Traditional Heavy Metal. Line Up TBC.

Heavy Metal Thunder :- October 23rd - Kings Arms
Tribute Night to the Metal Gods. Line Up TBC.

Chaos Updates

Gallery updated with photo's taken from Winter Chaos.

Hackmessah at Winter Chaos.
Click here to view pictures and videos from Winter Chaos
Hails and many thanks to the following who helped make Winter Chaos a success:-
Stage crew:- Luis Santayana, Scott Bellve and Steven Trigg.
Bands:- Anno Domini Mortus, Hackmessah, Nullifier, Vallum Incendium, Burning Solitude, Twisted Metal and Denni Elizabeth.
Photography :- Abigail Witch.
All who braved the winter storms in the pit.

Winter Chaos will be back next year.

Any band/groups/individuals who would want to be involved with Chaos Promotions please see our contacts page. Please note Chaos is a non profit organisation.

Local bands and releases to watch out for:-

Dissolution - Plague Of Violence (Debut album)

The return of The Feast! Corpse feast -
New Zealand Veteran Death metal legends from Hastings have returned. Expect nothing more than gore and the smell of decomposition.

If you have any news / updates / releases etc for your band and want it mensioned on our site please see our contacts page for contact details.

Press Release: Winter Chaos
Listen up you half baked mongols! Winter Chaos is time for you to harden up and listen to the right New Zealand Metal.
Be prepared to be crushed by:
Anno Domini Mortus
Hailing from Taranaki, Anno Domini Mortus will be decimating the stage with an excellent display of the most chaotic and blasphemous Black Metal attack. With songs epic in both length and style. These guys are the Black Metal squadron. Ride with these guys and the devil is your co-pilot.

Do you think you're man enough to handle more? Well we have :
Crushing Death Metal from the winterless north (Whangarei). These guys are the kind of maniacs you run from in your nightmares. True DIY warriors with their home made weapons of mass destruction. The only thing surpassing their maniacal and homicidal prowess is their insane technical abilities!
Can you handle the doom and gloom without pussying out and cutting yourself?

Burning Solitude
Doom Death Metal in the vein of Candlemass. Riffs descending into the pits of doom and leaving you there wondering where your past sanity has faded to. The end of the world has a new name and it is Burning Solitude.

Its time to stop finger banging Mary Rotten Crotch. If you've got the balls its time for the classics.

Twisted Metal
Aural pleasure the way your mum used to like it. You're mums got fucked by these guys in the 80's.

Are you ready for a devastating Thrash attack or are you gonna pussy out?

Too much weights, not enough speed work. Hailing from the central pits of Auckland, Nullifier arent drinking latte's. Its the pus from your open wounds. Devastating thrash in the tradition of such mammoth hordes as Destruction and Pestilence. Thrashing with these guys is a hell ride into the abyss!

This is your rifle and this is your gun. Use it in the battle for Heavy Metal with the warriors of Metal.
Vallum Incendium
Slaying the dragon and defiling the maiden. Power and glory follow Vallum Incendium to the stage. Ride into the storm, the battle will be long and hard.

You have just been introduced to the the ULTRA ASSASSIN SQUAD!
Bang your head till you're dead!
Report to the front line. 26th of June 2010. 20:00 hrs at Shadows Bar, Prices St, Auckland CBD.

Commando Chaos.